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PowerChrome Pigment Inks (PEP)

InkTec PowerChrome inks increase the optical density for compatibility with various media types. These heavy resin coated pigment inks are engineered to deliver incredible print quality and color brilliance equivalent to dye inks. The PowerChrome inks are composed of nine colors including Matte black, Light black and Light Light black. This technology allows you to choose their right color, and to print realistic color.

Features and benefits

- High density pigments for a wide color gamut
- Superior scratch resistance from improved pigment and resin chemistry
- Stable and long lasting printing


- Fine art
- Exhibits
- Photographs

Printer Compatibility

- Epson pro 4000 / 7400 / 7600 / 9400 / 9600
- Epson pro 4800 / 7800 / 9800 / 10600